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This Dance was created about 100 years ago, by a famous Kabuki player named Ichikawa Danjuro IX. It became a popular theme of Kabuki dancing, and was played repeatedly. The most interesting point of this dance is how to act the two different personalities of Yayoi-a young lady, and the witch of Rion.

This stage was held on 5/Oct, 1995 at Iino Hall, Tokyo, Japan as one of the part of "Hana no kai" recital, organized by Bando Katsura.

It is a day of new year cerebrations at shogun castle. A lady named Yayoi is named as a dancer in this cerebration. Shogun requested her to play using the Mask. Yayoi starts the dance with the formal dress of virgin lady (Furisode).

After a series of lady's dancing, she picksup the Mask to start the second phase. But, she finds that the Mask leaves from her control and follows two butterflies. A Rion's spirit which lives in the Mask is awaked by the butterflies. And, Yayoi's mind is then occupied by the spirit of Rion.

And some moments, the two butterflies (Kocho) changed into witches and begin a pretty dance.

Finally, the Mask completely occupying Yayoi, is changed to be the witch of Rion (Masako), and she dance strongly, without any hesitation. After a series of dancing, Rion was satisfied and then became stable. So Yayoi will be released from the spirit of Rion.


Yayaoi and Rion: Bando Miyabi (Masako Memezawa)

Kocho (Two butterflies): Akane & Haruka Memezawa

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