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Last update: 2007.03.28

Akane graduated Tokyo Medical University on Mar. 2007.

The Homepages of Our Clinics and Jobs:

1. Memezawa Medical Clinic (English)

2. Miyabi Dental Clinic (English)

3. Bando Miyabi (English)

4. Books of memezawa.com (Englsh & Japanese)

5. Gallery Miyabi (jewelly and accesary)

The Photograph Gallery (bi-lingual):

1. Boeing 747-400 from 14,000m

2. Cloud of Laputa's flighing castle

3. Long jet streams over arctic croud

4. The first cover photograph (Kagami-Jishi)

5. Ruby' Diary

6. Akane's Horseriding (Jul.2002)

7. Sapporo Sightseeing (Jun.2002)

8. Bintan Island & Singapore (Aug.2002)

9. Japanese Dance "Fishseller" and "Puppeteer" (Nov.2002)

10. A lightup pagent "Tokyo Millenario"(Dec.2002)

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